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190 professional codewords to keep you busy during coffee break.

Codewords to keep you busy during coffee break.
Match each letter to its code, and solve the grid.

Codewords is a crossword grid with a twist - you must replace each number with a corresponding letter of the alphabet.

For example, all the 1's may be T's all the 2's E's and so on. You have a few letters to help start off. All the letters A-Z are present in the puzzle, with one number for each letter.

Look for frequent letters, these are normally the vowels and particularly E. Unusual letters are often in places that won't impact cross words, e.g. the Z may be in position two in a run that has crossovers at 1 and 5.

This full version features an extra 190 professional puzzles, and is advert-free.

The codewords grid is displayed in full. If you are really stuck then you can reveal a letter. A great way to while away your commute!

- zooming grid
- cheats and answer checking
- landscape mode

Also known as Enigma Code, Code Breaker, Code Cracker, and Code Words.

Codewords too easy? Try our Cryptic Crossword.

Also know as: Cipher crosswords, Code Breakers, Code Crackers and Kaidoku

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